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Sunday, October 19, 2014


Mohegan Sun and Teachers Galore

I'm so psyched that snow nor hurricane are in the forcast for this year's Connecticut Education Computer Associate (CECA) conference!  It's been two long years since I've attended and I am looking forward to being inspired.  I've looked at the offerings planned my choices with Plan A and Plan B.  I'm looking for conversations and learning about gaming and computer coding. 
My Plan for #cecacasl14:
  1. Dress in layers, but comfortable
  2. Charge phones, tablets, and computer
  3. Grab an old fashion notebook and pen
  4. Review the schedule and have Plan A and Plan B
  5. Don't freak out about where to park or how to find the conference center.
  6. Start a Google Doc and tweet out to harness the power of the crowd.
Can't wait hope to see some of my EdCamp friends there!

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