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Monday, October 20, 2014

#CECACASL2014 or #CECACASL14: Initiate-Investigate-Innovate

Please share your experience so that we can all feel like we attended the whole CECA conference and not just small session portions!

Session I: 7:30-8:30 I spent in the Exhibit Hall checking out all the cool stuff that I would not be able to purchase.  Found some really neat things like Bump Armor , Discover Video, Empower Writers, CASL's Nutmeg Awards, and Monster Hunt.

Keynote: Jack Andraka what an inspiring young man, who speaks for equal access to scientific research.  Scot Osterweil spoke eloquently on the importance of play.  Both of these gentlemen were inspiring and made me feel less lonely in my thoughts about play and problem solving.

Session II:  Programming for the K-3 crowd.  The usual titles  Beebot, Nano Robots, and Apps like Hopscotch, Kodable, and Daisy.  The beginning stages of direction giving.  I am sold on the importance of teaching students computer coding before high school, so this was a "Me Too Session".

In true teacher fashion, I grabbed lunch on the run, there were more interesting topics than wraps and salad.

Session 3A: Play Scot Osterweil, to listen to more ideas from him about games and how we should think of them more as problem solving and mathematical thinking. He spoke about the MIT game lab with the potential to play.  He also addressed his belief that not everything has to be online or in front of a screen. I walked away, thinking I just wanted to hear him speak  more. 

Session 3B: Makerspace: So I'm a newbie to the word MakerSpace, Kristin Fontichiaro really gave me hope that I could do this, it's not all just 3D printing.  When I reflect back on my early years of teaching.  Yarn crafts, needlepoint, creating from junk would all fit into this idea of MakerSpace! Exciting.  Now how can we squeeze it into an already packed curriculum.

Session 4: Kate Wilson, and EdTechTeacher representative expressed her thinking around coding and why it's important.  She was able to give a person perspective. She shared her presentation and spoke genuinely about her experience as a student. 

Session 5: Tom Daccord dove deep into "Flipped Classroom"  he asked many essential questions about flipping and discussed with the crowd the tips and tricks of making that happen.  Exciting stuff, mainly on a high school level.  

Overall an amazing time, yup stayed for the drawing but didn't win.  I still feel like a winner, thanks to CECA! Now to sift and sort to see what I can use tomorrow!

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