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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Slice #3 Mixin' it up!

Let's see who will be truthful.......

Go ahead and raise your hand if you made mix tapes or cd's when you were younger.  I'm sitting here feeling absolutely stoked that I can say...

  • I made mix TAPES
  • I made mix CD's and now
  • I make mix PLAYLISTS

The good ole days of mix tapes takes me way back.  Sitting in front of the boom box or stereo with a blank tape in the tape deck just waiting to hit record at just the right time.  No internet to grab the song off of YouTube, to easy.  I loved the challenge, I enjoyed sitting there shushing anyone who dared enter the room while I was recording my song.

Why did I make the mix tapes?  It wasn't for my true love or even friends.  I selfishly made them for myself to listen to as I did my homework or stared at the ceiling daydreaming.

I still do this, kind of, I make playlists just for me.

  • To workout 
  • To listen on long drives
  • To help me get dinner to the table
  • To help me get my graduate school work done

 Thank you Apple for the iTunes store where I can purchase music for my mixed playlists.

Did you make mix-tapes? Who did you make them for? Go ahead tell your story.


  1. Yes, I made mix-tapes. I made them for working out, road trips, and my kids so they could listen to Raffi! I also made a playlist on a CD for my husband when he is on long road trips. I love sneaking in songs to let him know how much I love him.

  2. Oh - I made these, too, but probably differently than most. I grew up just south of Nashville and was a huge country music fan before country was "cool." I would listen to the Grand Ole Opry and record live performance of my favorite performers. I know, I know. What can I say? I've always been a bit different, but oh, how upset I would get if someone walked in while I was recording. Now my daughter creates playlists of her favorite songs (the ones I can listen to without cringing) and will play them on short jaunts in the neighborhood. Thanks for the memory.

  3. I loved making mix tapes. My favorite ones were to remember the songs of the summertime at camp. I recently bought some of those old favorites on iTunes and added them to my playlist. I love listening to songs from a time in my past since it brings me back to yesteryear. :)

  4. Tried commenting once, it didn't show up... hope I'm not repeating myself! I made mix-tapes... somewhere I have a cassette that includes me saying 'shhhhhhh' very loudly to my little brother, during the song I'd been waiting so long to capture!