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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Slice #7: A Year Ago

A Year Ago:

I began my journey as a Slicer, I reread my slices from last year because this year I feel uninspired. A year ago, I wrote about our new puppy Bella who was still settling into the routine of our home.  When she first arrive, it took her a few days to realize it was okay to sleep in our bed.  When we went to bed, she went to her crate.  The other members of the canine pack wasted no time getting to their spots on the bed or on the dog bed beside of ours. Now, she comes easily to our bed and snuggles up behind my legs.  She occasionally sleeps with one of the kids and I miss her on those nights.

Out of all of our dogs, she is the love.  The others are sweet, but Bella is just mushy and obedient.  She hangs on my every word and is completely submissive.  I've never experienced a dog who completely bows to me as the pack leader.  The others need a reminder.  She is a welcome member of our 'Pack'!  


  1. Bella sounds sweet! What a special connection! Sometimes I wonder if it is possible for people and dogs to be soul mates... some connections are just so strong.

  2. I have a new dog; Cheddar Cheese! He has added so much to our lives and the pack that inherited him. What would we do without our pets?

  3. She is adorable and I sounds so sweet. I love your description of her that 'she is the love.' I think she loves you as much as you love her. You are both fortunate! Thank you for that slice and just remember what inspired you that first year. It might be different or the same this year, but it seems there is motivation somewhere. I wonder why sometimes, but then I remember that I am documenting a month of my life each year and it's fun to go back and relive those memories. Good luck and just enjoy the posts you can create!

  4. Beautiful dog. So interesting how the rescues adjust... my border collie, Merlin, took two nights to move onto the bed. He stayed there at night for about a month, then decided to move into his den in my study, under the computer desk. He'll take a nap with me on the bed during the day, but at night, for some reason, he's not comfortable there anymore.

  5. Awe. I loved this - adorable. I have cats - but feel the same -- when my cat who usually sleeps by me doesn't, I miss her!