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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 2: Sleep Interrupted

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Day 2: Sleep Interrupted

It’s two am and the house is quiet all of a sudden I am startled awake by a sharp “Argh GRRRRRRR!” I sit up my brain in a fog, heart racing, a small child shadow is at my bedroom door.  Now instantaneously awake, adrenalin pumping, I interpret that her growl as a warning to her puppy fear.  She hasn’t been here long, but somehow in the fogginess I instinctively know that she is in attack mode. I love that little shadow in the hallway, and I don't want that growling startled puppy to hurt that little shadow.  I wrap my arms around that little puppy and use the quiet command, she quiets immediately.  I focus on the hallway hoping that the little shadow isn't ill.
Now I can focus on my little shadow, I hear,”Mom, I'm just going to the bathroom and I need a drink.” I respond “Okay, come let Bella sniff you before you do so she will settle back in.” The little shadow slid over, touches her head, she licks his hand, he stuffs his nose down into her fur just enough to let her little body fold into him, a sigh with a little groan coming from her little puppy body.

Aaron, the little shadow, makes his way down the hall, Bella slips off the bed with a thump and joins him in the kitchen.  I hear him say to her, “Sorry I scared you.” It’s a few minutes before he walks back down the hall, Bella at his side.  He slips into his bed I hear Bella jump up on his bed, I hear him tell her goodnight.  It’s now quiet again. I snuggle back down into my covers, knowing that as soon as Bella thinks Aaron is asleep she will be back in bed snuggled up by my feet.

This is Bella, she is 20 wks
old. She joined our family
in Feb 2014.  She is a gift!
It’s now seven am and I am just plain tired, middle of the night disturbances that make the adrenaline pump and give a fright are exhausting.  I see a nap in my future.

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  1. I hope you got your nap in today! I loved your anecdote: I especially liked how you described the interaction between Aaron and Bella. So sweet!

  2. I love how even puppies have the innate sense to protect us! Such a precious story! Get your rest! :)

  3. I try to plan ahead too, but you know the saying, "the best laid plans..." Hope you got your nap!

  4. Wonderful! Little Aaron has such a good buddy in Bella...and so do you. Hope you got your nap and look forward to reading more of your blog posts. Jackie http://familytrove.blogspot.com/

  5. I love your description of "small child shadow." Being startled in the middle of the night creates such an uneasy feeling and it is hard to return to sleep. I hope you had a little time today to make that up.

  6. really enjoyed your post---hope you got your nap!

  7. What a good dog! And what a good little shadow! So glad he wasn't sick and just getting his drink of water.

  8. We love our pets...even though we have sleepless nights because of them!