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Monday, March 10, 2014

Day 10: A Grocery Store Encounter

So excited to be part of "Slice of Life" with the Two Writing Teachers. You to can join us too.

     Stepping into the lane with the shortest line, she placed her groceries on the belt one by one organizing them loosely by categories,  frozen, refrigerator, pantry, and bathroom.  Before she started unpacking her groceries from the cart, she noticed the older gentleman in front of her.  She smiled a friendly smiled and went on with her task.

      She hears the older gentleman ask the cashier to repeat how much it was.  He sifted through the money in his hand hoping he had calculated correctly.  Switching from a small stack of a $5 and four $1 to a $20 and the exact change from his pocket.  She smiled at him again, he apologized for taking so long.  She smiled a bigger smile, thinking I will be like that someday.  She responded with "Don't worry about it, this is just the right pace for ending the day, enjoyable!

     The cashier agreed with her and the gentleman still uncomfortable with his pace, told a couple of jokes while he waited for his change.

     "Why did the mean teacher have problems with her pupils?  She was cross-eyes!"

   "How did Columbus get to America before the Indians?  He must have made reservations!"

    He gathered his bags, said goodbye and shuffled out the door.

    She realized that he reminded her so much of her own grandfather. The resistance to aging and the loss of independence.  Her heart yearned to tell him, not everyone thought he was irrelevant.  There was at least one young person who would like to hear his stories, who wanted to hear what he had gained from his life experience.

    After paying for her groceries, she walked slowly to her car reaching for her cell phone, dialing the ever familiar number.  "Hi Pap!  How are you?"

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  1. Her heart yearned to tell him, not everyone thought he was irrelevant. -- :)) enjoyed your slice and this line.