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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day 20: Funny Dance Moms

  Thank you Two Writing Teachers for the opportunity to WRITE!

I sit and wait listening to the unrelenting noise of the tap shoe.  Hoping that Jeanie and Lisa would arrive in time to hear the fun antics of their days.  I am not disappointed! Lisa arrives, as soon as she enters she says, 

"You're not going to be leave this, when I dropped of Caty remember, I didn't have my cell phone and I wasn't going home to get it.  My oldest daughter got hit in the throat with a ball and is in the emergency room with my husband!'  
I'm thinking, how'd ya find that out, ya didn't have your cell phone. 

She takes a deep breath and continues.
"My husband called my sister Jeanie's house and she talked to my upset husband and couldn't get him to calm down, so she hung up on him.  Then she headed out the door, because before I left the studio, I had told her I was going to Joyce Leslie and then Kohls. So Jeanie came to Joyce Leslie, the whole way Jeanie repeated over and over to herself, "Please don't go to Kohls, Please don't go to Kohls.!'  "So, Jeanie caught up to me at Joyce Leslie and explained why she was there. I took her phone and called my husband, explained that I didn't have my cell phone, he couldn't wrap his head around the fact that I was on Jeanie's phone an how Jeanie knew where I was at that time.  Jeanie is waving her hands around saying in a singsong tone "I got sister Lojack! She is doing this over and over again.  I finally tell him that I will head home to check on the dog, get my phone, get Caty and then head to the hospital.  While I am home the dog is throwing her ball around and  it goes under Caty's bed and she goes after it and gets stuck under her bed and can't get out. Now I am on the phone with my husband again because he needs an insurance card.  I got the dog stuck under the bed trying to dig her way out.  I was trying to lift the bed so she could get out, dropped the phone hung up on my husband.  Now he won't answer his phone!" 

She says this all so matter a factly and then begins laughing at how funny it all is. Personal perspective is definitely unique.  These stories always make the hour and half dance session go much faster.

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  1. Like the idea of Sister Lojack! Isn't it amazing to think that in the not so distant past, we all survived without cell phones with us at almost all times? This story has some very funny parts, especially the dog under the bed, but I hope the daughter is okay!