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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day 9: 10 Things

So excited to be part of "Slice of Life" with the Two Writing Teachers. You to can join us too

I will show up! I will create a post! 

Maybe the 10 things list thingy?  

I will ...
1. Go to the gym this week since the weather is cooperating
2. Eat my healthy salad everyday and not soup from the cafeteria
3. Make copies of a DVD for my principal
4. Get to walk my doggies (All three) everyday now that the weather is warmer
5. Play outside with my kids and hope for one day without homework to we can stay out longer.
6. Begin the Easter shopping so I'm not waiting until the last minute
7. Read a good book
8. Call to find a wholesale greenhouse to supply plants before Wednesday
9. Call to get official and unofficial transcripts for my EdTech Degree
10 Finish the application for my graduate degree in EdTech

Bonus:  I will ask three administrators for Letters of Recommendation for this new graduate program.


  1. Planning one of those 10 things posts soon. I like your twist - using the words I will.

  2. You are very efficient! You made your 9th slice AND made a To Do list as the same time.
    I hope you are just as efficient and get this all done.
    Then the best part of making a list happens - crossing off all that you do!

  3. I love making lists as entries. Now, each one of those items can be a new entry, you know! :-)

  4. I think I need to try this format! Great job with yours!

  5. I like your list idea for a blog post entry soon. I love lists; they help us to focus on what we need to do, accomplish, or reflect upon. Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Don't you get credit for twelve things since the first one was showing up and writing a post?!?! You are brave to put your list up in a post--good for you!

  7. Like Melanie said, you do get credit for 12 things!

    I feel like I have a lot of little things to write about today. I'm not sure which one I will settle on. Thanks to you, I'm feeling a list coming on.