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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Day 16: Stretching and Pulling

                      Thank you Two Writing Teachers for the opportunity to WRITE!

I have a friend who writes a blog about personal experience.  Tonight she wrote about being stretched and pulled in her work life and her personal life.  She reflected, trusting that God wouldn't give her more than she can handle, and that stretching and pulling in life was God's plan.

I too feel this way, a little over two years ago I was asked by our Superintendant of Schools to step out of the classroom and take a K-8 Technology Integrator position.  I was shocked, I had just finished my year as teacher of the year giving me kudos for doing what I loved daily. My reaction wasn't positive, I actually initially said no, but then talked it over with my husband and finally agreed to take on this new role.

This is year two in this role and I still do not feel like I do more tha put out fires and hand out band-aids.  Where are the teachers who really want to dig deep and think about how technology can move them into a place of higher learning?

Raise your hand I am here to help.  Stretching and pulling can make us more flexible. Back to work tomorrow!

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  1. Our tech teacher would write almost this same post, I think, although he would write about his wife, not his husband. You have a really hard job, but a really important one, as there is so much to be integrated and learned. Hang in there, and keep stretching!