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Friday, March 14, 2014

Day 14: A Little Poetry

So excited to be part of "Slice of Life" with the Two Writing Teachers. You to can join us too.

I am definately a novice poet.  When we study poetry with students.  They love it, I not sure I do, I am reflecting on why....
Thanks for reading!

into the lane 
shortest line
food on the belt 
one by one 
An older gentleman 
White hair
Blue hat
She Smiled
He Smiled
Sifting Counting
He Pays 
Small to Large
Reflection, Aging, joking
Warm thoughts of not forgetting
All alone


  1. Thanks, Crystal, for taking a risk with this slice. I could really visualize this scene. My favorite lines were "White hair/ Blue hat/ She Smiled/ He Smiled" because of the contrast. I also like that you chose to capitalize "Smiled." I hope you try another poem before the month is over!

  2. Three years ago when I took on my first challenge I found my voice in poetry. I love the short way to say something big and leave people filling in the details. This is exactly what I found in your poem.