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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Day 15: Another stab at Poetry

Learning to like this thing called writing.
I get stuck on the grammar of it all.
Where do the periods go?
What about the commas?
Forgetten the colon and semicolon?
Proof read, proof read
It's hard not to miss 
The typo in the mist.

Hear them in my head
See the screeching red
White Chalk
Head hung low
Trying to please
Trying to be valued
Belittled at every turn.


  1. Wow, Crystal! Your poems are quite incredible. Talk about economy of words... each one works perfectly to create the meaning for this poem.

  2. The second poem especially struck a sad chord for me--the use of screeching, and the head hung low. Belittled is also such a sad word. Love that you are trying poems. I need to get braver about that!