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Friday, March 7, 2014

Day 7: Can I Change My Spots? I mean Writing Ways

So excited to be part of Slice of Life with the Two Writing Teachers. You to can join us.

Change my Writing Ways

So, I've enjoyed reading and commenting all week on the blog of others. Can I just say that I am truly envious of those of you who write so beautifully with flowery words that create such imagery for me. I want to do that desperately.  
I enjoy reading books with beautiful language and blogposts that pull me and keep me up thinking about writing. I tip my hat to you and know that there is at least one newbie who would love to join your ranks. 
I think part of my problem is the type of writing I create when I actually do write. Very technical. Can you say DRY!  
I hope there is hope for me to improve my skills. I am not sure where to start to begin to turn bland writing into something entertaining. I am going to challenge myself to writing something besides school reflections. There it is I said it, I will try and thanks for all the encouragement the comments are getting me through the week!

This is one of six documents I typed for upcoming training sessions with teachers and support staff.

Current as of 3/7/2014

Please open a browser Internet Explorer or Chrome to:  devos.westonps.org
Select: Logout to sign in with your Weston Public School computer username and password
Select: Admin Portal (Top right of the screen.)
Select: Manage Video Signage (Second gray box on the right side of the screen)
Select: Image Playlist
Select: Add a New Playlist
Title your Image List.  It is helpful to be specific.  Later in the process you will need to know
which list to select.
Select: Choose File.  This allow you to search for pictures/images on your computer, 
documents folder, or server.  You can select the first picture you would like to select and if all
the pictures are in the same file scroll down hold shift and click on the last picture you would   like to use. These will be uploaded into your DEVOS account.
Global Duration:  time here will apply to all image or you can set the duration for all images individually.
Blue Bar: You will see Image, Duration, Up, Down, and Remove.  This is how you can reorder your playlist.
Save Playlist
Select Signage:  
Select Add New Signage
Select a Name: Be Specific it will be easier to find later
Select a Template: Image Playlist with no logo, first one in the bottom row
Template Settings:  This is where you will click on the image list you would like to use.
Save Signage Save Signage

This will take you back to your the signage you have created.  You can add and remove images at any time on this playlist.

From the playlist you will need the Station Code to display this signage in the district.


  1. Try to write outside of expectations -- make the instructions into a poem? If just for you, it will push you to approach language and writing in a new way.

  2. Absolutely you can change your writing ways! Have fun experimenting. Some of my favorite lessons--both for my students and for me--is to model writing I admire by following the expert's structure and changing to my words. Poems are great for this. I've had fun with "Unfolding Bud" and "A Good Poem." Here's a blog post I wrote on it a couple of summer ago: http://kaymcgriff.edublogs.org/2012/09/09/a-poem-for-teachers-write

  3. You are your own worst critic! You have already been experimenting this month, trying new genres and focusing on moments. You will love looking back at all that you've written on April 1st!