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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Home's Where You Are!

Dale Franklin Brooks
November 2007

My Dad left a lasting impression on me in many ways.  
I will never forget wanting to come home from college.  
I promised him anything to come home.  His words to me were, "Home's not where I'm at home's where you are and what you make of it!"  Then he told me to stay one more day and if I still wanted to come home, he would come and get me.  I did stay and never looked back.

I miss the sound of your voice
I wish I could speak with you one more time
I want you to see just how great a baseball player your grandson is
You would love how beautiful your grand daughter sings 
Waiting for the opportunity to sing in church

I miss your Tuesday night call
No one else likes NPR like you
No one cares that I heard an interesting story!
While I don't have mushy memories of you hugging and kissing me
I do have great memories of political debates 
How much you valued my opinion or just listened anyway.
Then offered your thoughts.

I miss your confidence in that I could succeed 
No matter what I wanted to try.  
You encouraged failure 
First one to teach me how to laugh at myself 
Not take myself seriously
I do have memories of walking behind the tractor
Throwing hay bales just like the boys
You even let us drive the truck, the mini-bikes, and the tractor.

The kids miss you too!
Especially Aaron, 
Who desperately wants to learn to ride 
Four Wheelers and drive the red Jeep!
Devin is learning to play the piano, 
I think she got your talent, 
I hope you can hear her in heaven.
I wish we could hear your voice 


  1. This is a beautiful poem, Crystal. So sad, and so full of the images and nuances of your dad. How great to keep his memory so intact for your children!

  2. It sounds like your father was a very wise, great man. What a wonderful way to honor his memory.