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Friday, March 11, 2016

SOL16 #11 Good Comes Out of Hard Times

Bill and I were having a conversation on Thursday. He had picked our daughter up after school, planned a playdate for our son, and still was able to get his work done.  Having flexibility at your place of work is key to family survival these days.

Not long ago, I remember having feelings of panic over this exact issue of how would we get it all done?  Would I need to hire a sitter that could drive? How would we find a way to be flexible?  Bill worked and hour away from our home and so did I.  It just seemed impossible.  Then in August 2009, Bill lost his job, at the time we were devastated.

Bill was out of work for two year before he made a decision to start his own business.  Town Line Lawn Care was born and we haven't looked back.  This job affords us huge amounts of flexibility for shuffling kids and letting the dogs out during the day.  It sucks for having common vacation time, but that is a minor detail.

We've all grown into this well oiled machine and we have all learned to be flexible.

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