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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

SOL16 #2 Motivation=Habit

SOL#2 Motivation=Habit

Writing and physical fitness fall in the same category of not my favorite things to do.  They are however things I need to do.  For me it is all in how I measure success.  In writing, it's if my piece is as good as someone else's and in fitness it's the dreaded scale. One of Ruth Ayres articles she muses about ways to make writing a habit. She used a quote from Jim Ryun to start her article: Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. Then she goes on to compare writing to running: 

"This might seem as overwhelming as running a 5K for 30 straight days. But what if it is possible to develop a writing habit? Unlike running for an inexperienced runner, writing isn't something we have to build up to. You can decide to start writing, and there will be no physical pain."

Both of these areas require sustained focus.  One hour at the gym and it takes me forever to write something I feel is publishable.  One day a week, TUESDAY, there is this instructor who is really into fitness, not just for himself, but for his wife, family and everyone he meets. He is MOTIVATED and it's a HABIT. 

I met him about a year ago because I had the courage as an unfit person to walk through the doors to of all things an Synergy class where he encouraged me to try his Insanity class at the local gym. I fell out of that new habit I was trying to form. Each time he saw me, at the grocery story or at a school function he engaged me in conversation, he had such patience. I reflected about what was getting in my way.  I think I am a bit afraid of being fit. I haven't been fit for a really long time. It took me a while to make a decision because I don't want to fail or be a nuisance. Now that I am back on track building new fitness habits, I am part of his challenge groups, and now doing the 21-Day-Fix.  I can hear what he says in my head when I am working out on my own.  Planning my meals. No Excuses. Walk Through the door. Find your Focus. Get to the next level. Reach your next goal!

I know I can do this writing challenge.  I like to write, I need to find time. That is always the excuse.  So I will alter his words above just a little and fight my way to the end of my March physical fitness challenge and the writing challenge. No Excuses. Open the Computer. Find your Focus. Get to the next level. Define your Writing Goal!

Steve, if you read this, I did a total of 36 Jumping-Burpee-Jacks last night with both legs going out from the plank each time!  Thanks for all you do!

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  1. I love this comparison! I often think about how the two are connected (and how it really does take the same kind of hard work to make both writing and fitness "stick"!). Like you I'm in the midst of trying to make BOTH a habit--good luck!

  2. I hear ya, I am hoping to make both of them "Stick"